Cable TV systems commonly referred to as CATV use a dedicated coaxial cable connection to each viewing point to distribute TV from a single set of antennae at a central point or head end. The simplest system is a MATV (Master Antenna TV) system. This distributes digital terrestrial channels  (Freeview channels) received by a single central antenna to multiple viewing points. To receive analogue channels a standard TV is sufficient. To receive Freeview channels, either a Freeview set top box is required or a TV with integrated Freeview tuner. Two developments of the basic MATV system are the SMATV system (Satellite Master Antenna TV) and the IRS (Integrated Reception System). Both add satellite reception but in different ways. All IRS, SMATV and CATV systems designed and installed by CVS Aerial & Electrical Services are in accordance with CAI standards. An  IRS (Integrated Reception System) is a means of connecting multiple viewing points to a single common array of aerials and satellite dishes at a central point using coaxial cable. An IRS has the potential to provide for the reception of hundreds of channels from one or more satellites, Freeview (digital terrestrial TV or DTT), DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasts) and FM radio. In addition it can also distribute a limited number of locally generated analogue channels from studios, security cameras or DVD players etc. The primary advantage of an IRS (Integrated Reception System) over other technologies for the distribution of TV is that it allows the individual user the freedom to access any Satellite, TV or radio channel received by the system antennae. Access to hundreds of channels may be important for domestic users but in a business environment where only a selected range of channels are required, IPTV technology is considerably more cost effective and offers a host of advantages. At the viewing point a TV receiver is connected to the system via a Freeview Set Top Box (STB) for the reception of Freeview and/or a satellite STB for reception of satellite channels. DAB and FM radio receivers are connected directly to the viewing point outlet. Locally generated channels are received directly through the TV aerial connector. To receive encrypted channels the appropriate STB and individual subscription smart card are required. Satellite Master Antenna TV A SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) system is designed to capture and decrypt (as necessary) a chosen selection of channels which are then combined onto a coaxial cable distribution system for viewing on a standard TV receiver at the outlets of the system. Additional signals such as Satellite Channels of your choice can be integrated on to the system along with all available Freeview channels providing a mixture of programmes tailored to suit your needs. CVS Aerial & Electrical Services designs, installs and services IRS and SMATV systems. All IRS, SMATV and CATV systems installed by CVS Aerial & Electrical Services produce best value solutions for customers. Cable TV Systems Integrated Reception System Typical IRS Layout which can allow for any number of points. Melton Mowbray Loughborough Leicester Nottingham Rutland Leicestershire Nottinghamshire East Midlands Market Harborough Return to home page FreeView, Sky, FreeSat, Foriegn Satellite Channels FM and DAB Radio at each point if required. Should you require the installation or repair to any matters relating to your TV Distribution Network we have the technical expertise and knowledge to provide you with a solution. Having had over 30 years experience servicing and installing TV Distribution Networks within some of the largest and most prestigious hotels throughout the UK we can offer a solution to your problems be it a repair to an existing system, the installation of a new network or the upgrade to an existing one. We offer extremely competitive rates along with a fast and efficient service which includes weekends. Should you wish to add more channels to your system providing guests with Sky or Foreign Language Satellite channels, add more points to your network we are able to provide you with a free site visit therefore allowing us to provide an accurate no obligation quotation to carry out the works involved. Services Available Distribution Networks TV Aerial, Satellite, Home Entertainment and Security  Installations CVS Aerial & Electrical Services